Saturday, September 16th, 2:00pm

Bride of Frankie


Devi Snively, Dir.

In this darkly comedic feminist nod to Mary Shelley’s FRANKENSTEIN, a not-so-mad scientist builds a mate for her mentor’s lonely creation with electrifying, and deadly, results.

It Gets Better?

(11 min)

Stephen Riscica, Dir.

An older gay man is inspired to record a testimonial after watching a bisexual teenager’s video, assuring him that ‘It Gets Better.’

Mine (UK)

(4 min)

Matthew Morgan, Dir.

The non-donor father in a gay relationship struggles to come to terms with being the father to a child which is not biologically his.

Land of Lost Content (Germany)

(45 min)

Elena Horn, Dir.

Ishimwa Muhimanyi returns to Rwanda after many years to meet his remaining family exploring the role of religion in the genocide and facing memories that only return in fragments, while Nik travels to Serbia wanting to reveal his homosexuality to his family, facing numerous challenges on the way.

Hot Men Cold Dictatorships (Hungary)

(1hr,38 min)

Mária Takács, Dir,

Young Hungarian gays explore the personal dramas of elderly gay men who lived in Communist Hungary.
Has the situation of gay men improved since the fall of communism or is homophobia even worse today?

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