Thursday, September 13th, 8pm

Foxy Trot

15 min

Lisa Donato, Dir.

AWARD: Best Comedy 2018!

A married couple unexpectedly face their relationship issues when they take ballroom dance lessons in a very heteronormative class.

Cover Story

12 min

Suhail Abbasi, Dir.

Randeep, a successful advertising executive, is in turmoil as his boss Neeraj,
dismisses a same-sex ad film idea proposed by his junior colleague Rashi. He senses a deep sense of homophobia and sets into deep introspection about his own sexuality. What if his boss or colleagues find out that ‘he is gay’. In the cold corporate corridors reeking of misogyny, hostility, stigma and discrimination, will Randeep find his voice…?!

Untitled Tenderness Project

15 min

Rebecca Shoptaw, Dir.

During the rehearsal process for a tragic gay play, two boys in a college theater class do some thinking about the nature of representation.

The Whisper of the Jaguar

80 min

Simon(e) Paetau, Dir.

AWARD: Best Narrative Feature 2018!

Sebastian*e, a queer artist, penetrates herself with a cob in a transgenic cornfield, unaware that death is near. Her sister Ana, a punk girl from the city, follows her steps carrying her ashes through the Amazon on a quest that will become a spiritual and sexually liberating experience.