fm flbt film festival, fargo, moorhead
fm lgbt film festival, fargo, moorhead
fm lgbt film festival, fargo, moorhead
fm lgbt film festival, fargo, moorhead
fm lgbt film festival, fargo, moorhead
fm lgbt film festival, fargo, moorhead


Friday, Sept 13th, 8pm:

Coffee and Pie (15 min)
Coffee & Pie is a self proclaimed anti-romantic comedy, anßd yet a quirky love story of sorts.

Faceless (12 min)
Faceless is the story of anyone who doesn't fit the stereotypical image of a community. From the perspective of a faceless man the film attempts to bring to the fore the problems or discrimination, segregation and white supremacy within the gay community in North America.

O Pacote (18 min)
In the outskirts of Sao Paulo, the young Leandro is a new student in a new school. In the classroom, he meets Jefferson who introduces him to his new group of friends. As the days go by, the boys hit it off and grow more intimate until they decide to be together as a couple. Their relationship is at stake when Jefferson informs Leandro that he is HIV-positive. Facing the news, Leandro must decide whether they continue in this romantic relationship or not.

opacote, the film

The Most Fun I’ve Had with my Pants On (95 min)
Estranged childhood girlfriends Andy and Liv reunite to scatter Andy's father's ashes from Los Angeles to Austin, Texas where Liv will audition for the role of a vixen spy in a nostalgic noir film. Pretending to be the characters from Liv's script, the girls scramble through wreckage at the Mojave Airplane Cemetery, skinny dip in Sedona, and climb oil rigs in Texas, turning sand dunes into projection screens and decomposing desert towns into playgrounds until Andy makes a move in a game Liv isn't willing to play. Performances by Sarah Hagan (Freaks and Geeks, Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

the most fun, film

Saturday, Sept 14th, 3pm:

Sufferin Til You’re Straight (3 min)
This fun animation is a direct descendant of Schoolhouse Rock.

X Confidant (11 min)
Pandora Boxx stars as Iris, the hot new temp with a big secret. Will 'she' be exposed?

Stewing (9 min)
Devastated by the brutal end to his first serious relationship a young man sets off on an epic adventure of revenge that culminates in an unexpected happy ending. A dark comedy-action-revenge short, STEWING unapologetically mashes together cinematic genres to explore the universal experience of heartbreak through an exciting unconventional narrative.

Stweing, the film

Alex y Fabio Ya No Estan (18 min)
A couple's relationship is explored from beginning to end, showing how love can be tested and how far one is willing to go for love.

Lewd and Lascivious (50 min)
The year is 1965, and even though the San Francisco civil rights movement is in full swing, just the perception of a person being gay or lesbian can bring on harsh abuse and violence from the police department. Surprisingly, an unlikely group of straight ministers see the injustices firsthand, and work, for the first time, with the queer community to do something about it. Yet, simply having a dance to raise funds for their cause is enough for the cops to show up in mass, invite the private party, and start making arrests. What happens next becomes a pivotal, yet little-known, moment in gay, lesbian and trans history, not to mention in San Francisco history, too!

Saturday, 8pm

Pocalunek (22min)
After an alcohol-induced night out, Emilia, 20, wakes up in an unknown apartment next to another woman, Matylda, 32, who claims they slept with each other last night.

pocalunek, a film

Dawn (10 min)
On an evening commute home by subway, Tye detects racism from another passenger's glance and decides to confront him, to shocking results.

dawn, a film

A Little Bit Country (7 min)
'A Little Bit Country' is about an inevitable part of growing up: the sinking feeling when your parents find your cigarettes, lads magazines or cheap cider hidden in your wardrobe - and confront you one morning across the kitchen table... and in this case, it's country music. Whether it's model trains, crochet and crafts, coin collecting, doll making or medieval battle reenactments, we all pursue peculiar passions that we're too afraid to admit to the world... The question is, 'Are you a little bit country?'

How Do You Know? (4 min)
How Do You Know? investigates the ways in which self-identification is confined by the limitations of language and encourages the viewer to participate in the discussion by contemplating their understanding of familiar words and contributing their own definitions.

Chris/tina (25 min)
A teenage identical twin living in a machismo, middle-class thinking, Catholic based, Latin neighborhood with his college all-American athlete brother and his politically ambitious mother, is caught between the expectations of that world and with who he really is inside...a woman.

Where the Bears Are (114 min)
WHERE THE BEARS ARE is a comedy mystery web series that follows the exploits of 3 bear roommates sharing a house in Los Angeles trendy neighborhood of Silverlake, as they attempt to solve the murder of a party guest who turned up dead in their bathtub.
It's the GOLDEN GIRLS meets MURDER SHE WROTE with big, gay hairy men.

Where there be bears, a film